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New products for different segments of the tomato market

"After discovering that the Harmoniz brand is backed by 20 years of research by TomaTech and Nirit Seed, two Israeli seed companies specializing in tomatoes, I decided last year to put Carreras alongside some of the hybrids recommended by the company for the Fondi-Latina area and, in general, for central and southern Italy."[...]"

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Dalibor F1: New TOV tomato suitable for winter cycles resistant to cracking and blotchiness

"The segment of cluster tomatoes, after a long parenthesis in favor of small berries, in recent years is reliving a new season of enthusiasm for consumption. It is appreciated by growers and, as mentioned, by those consumers who are oriented towards a tomato perceived as adhering to the Italian culinary tradition, both in Italy and abroad. [...]"

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Midres and Basoche, ToBRFV-resistant midi and mini-plum tomatoes for winter cycles

"Midres and Basoche are probably the two most interesting varieties of the 2023 Harmoniz’s tomato range suitable for the winter cycles. “Says Giuseppe Busacca, Product Development Harmoniz Italia, and adds: "Resistance contributes to the success of these varieties: a very complete package [...]"

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The responsibility of producers in protecting Italian-made products

“As producers in the Pachino area, we have a big responsibility, because we export products of excellent quality and keep up the good name of made in Italy products by means of the tomatoes we produce,” says Sammy Lauretta, owner of the Lauretta Salvatore farm, in a testimony obtained directly from the fields by Harmoniz technicians. [...]

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Tomato open day for the mini and midi plum segments

After the appointment of Saro Tumino as the new general manager for Italy, international seed company Harmoniz – which was recently created from the merger of TomaTech and Nirit Seeds – continues to demonstrate the high strategic value of the Italian table tomato market. This time, the company is presenting its new range of commercial and pre-commercial tomato varieties resistant to ToBRFV. [...]

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New managers appointed for Harmoniz in Italy and North America

Harmoniz Ltd announces the appointment of Saro Tumino as the new General Manager of Harmoniz’s Italian subsidiary and Stephan Vonk in the position of Area Sales Manager of North America (USA and Canada). These appointments follow a few months after its official launch at Fruit Logistica 2023, as the Israeli greenhouse seed breeding company was formed by the merger of TomaTech and Nirit Seeds in 2022.[...]

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