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Midres and Basoche, 2023 novelties in the midi and mini-plum segments.

Aug 08, 2023
Aug 08, 2023

Midres and Basoche are probably the two most interesting varieties of the 2023 Harmoniz’s tomato range suitable for winter cycles. “Says Giuseppe Busacca, Product Development Harmoniz Italia, and adds: “Resistance contributes to the success of these varieties: a very complete package that includes, among others, those to ToBRFV, TyLCV, Cladosporium, Bacteriosis and Fusarium Radiciis. These resitances allow to face with excellent results the problems related to autumn humidity, as well as the stresses related to the winter season. The excellent climatic adaptability found in different productive areas, both in Sicily and in Central-South Italy, also stands out in both varieties.

Indeed, from the commercial point of view, Midres and Basoche are appreciated for the quality of the fruit in terms of aesthetics, shelf-life and taste, and are already present in the main circuits of the Italian LSD.”

Ofer Ben Zvi - CEO Harmoniz

Midres F1, ToBRFV-resistant midi-plum

Midres F1

“Midres F1 is a midi-plum with resistance to ToBRFV suitable for winter cycles that, in Sicily, can be transplanted between September and December – specifies the expert – It is a variety particularly appreciated commercially for its taste, much higher than the main varieties on the market, as well as for the color, the firmness of the fruit and the post-harvest life. Thanks to the balanced combination of vigor and genetic resistance, the plant adapts well to the winter season, preserving its elongated shape typical of midi-plums during all production phases; excellent fruit set capacity under low temperatures, continuity of growth and production, with uniform setting during and after winter. Finally, the resistance to Cladosporium that, following the recent increasingly stringent European regulations on the use of pesticides and fungicides, now acquires strategic importance at the time of variety choice”.

Ofer Ben Zvi - CEO Harmoniz

Basoche F1, ToBRFV-resistant mini-plum 

Basoche F1

“Basoche F1 is an mini-plum tomato suitable for September-December transplants in Sicily. The distinctive characteristics, compared to the competing varieties for winter cycle, – explains the agronomist – are certainly the ability of the plant to uniformly preserve the fruit shape on short days with low brightness, and the stability of the sugar content even in the winter season, which remains around 7 degrees Brix. it should be pointed out that, being a mini-plum variety, in addition to the resistance to ToBRFV and TyLCV, Basoche F1 is also resistant to Cladosporiosis and bacteriosis, as well as to Fusarium Radiciis, a must-have resistance for those growers who opt for a fast ungrafted cycle. In addition to this, Basoche offers a high level of yield and production throughout the entire production cycle”.