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“Harmoniz Ibérica,
redefining the greenhouse seeds market”

March 25, 2023
March 27, 2023

After completing the legal processes of the merger of TomaTech and Nirit Seeds, and a few months after its official debut at Fruitlogistica 2023, the Israeli seed company Harmoniz proposes today to the market from a privileged position, benefiting from the integration and synergies of its excellent and experienced team, its advanced R&D capabilities, molecular technology and genetic improvement techniques, and its marketing channels worldwide.

Preserving the legacy of a leading company in tomato crops, the value proposition of Harmoniz as a company at the forefront, innovative and agile dedicated to the development of greenhouse varieties has been increased and strengthened in recent months, with the expansion of its set of competences and R&D focus on the development of new crops, including innovative varieties of cucumber. The long-term goal is to produce and sell tasty, attractive and long-lasting vegetables that people love to consume, and farmers love to grow, while maintaining innovation, creativity and focus on the end consumer.

To confirm its leadership in tomato crops, exemplified by varieties that stand out in the Spanish market such as Korino, Cosmostar, Dormaplum, Ultiplum – among others – the merged company maintains its commitment on innovation and diversification, both at the agronomic level – introducing resistances such as the ‘Rugoso virus’ (ToBRFV) – and in terms of “quality”, to be understood as harmonies of flavors, shapes, colors and nutritional properties offering a superior consumer experience.

Constelación (TT-187)

New to the Harmoniz’s portfolio, Constelación* (TT-187) is a large sized TOV tomato, recommended for long cycles transplanted at the end of August. The plant is strong, open and homogeneous with medium internode. Early plant highly appreciated for its productivity, size uniformity (140-160 gr) throughout the cycle and fruit quality: red fruits with very good skin without cracking nor microcracking, excellent deep shiny red color, high firmness, and post-harvest life and finally, an intense traditional flavor.

Res: Fol 0,1, For, Mj, ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV, Vd


In the large sized plum segment, Harmoniz launches this year Tucait, a variety with a balanced and very productive plant, recommended for short cycles and ideal for early tranplants, very well adapted to different growing conditions – either in the area of Nijar or in the area of El Ejido.  It is a variety with excellent quality of fruit for uniform size (150-200 gr) and color, very striking and intense, firmness and shelf life with no cracking.

Res: Fol 0,1, Mj, ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV, Vd