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Harmoniz acquires
Plant Factory Netherlands
to create Harmoniz NL

Aug 8, 2023

Harmoniz NL Sales and Breeding team : (Left to right) Koen van der Knaap, Paul Van Dijck, Wilfred Scheffers, Albert Van Offeren.

Aug 8, 2023

Harmoniz Ltd., a global seed company known for its differentiated tomatoes, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Plant Factory Netherlands. Previously owned by WPK, which distributes Harmoniz seeds in the Netherlands, this strategic acquisition marks the establishment of a new company entity, Harmoniz NL, in the Netherlands and heralds Harmoniz’s expansion into the Northwest Europe heated greenhouse crops market.

This new enterprise strives to deliver premium products by harnessing its advanced breeding and genetics capabilities. Coupled with excellent agrotechnical service, the company aims to cater to its customers’ needs effectively thanks to the profound local breeding and technical proficiency of its experienced team to meet the growing demands of the region.

Harmoniz NL was established following a fruitful collaboration with its long-standing partner, WPK, a renowned player in the horticultural sector. The collaboration with WPK, which has been built on years of trust and mutual respect, further strengthens Harmoniz’s position in the market and sets the stage for continued success in the region.

Eviek and Erik van der Arend, who serve as the CFO and CEO of WPK, respectively, along with Harmoniz representative Wilfred Scheffers, recognized the tremendous potential of Harmoniz varieties (previously known as TomaTech), whose varieties have been predominantly cultivated in low-tech facilities. “After careful consideration, we have made the strategic decision to embark on a project to introduce these exceptional varieties into the high-tech market. We firmly believe that Harmoniz is now well-prepared to take the next step in its journey.”

As a part of Harmoniz NL’s remit, a specialized high-tech greenhouse facility in the Netherlands is in the process of being constructed. “We are truly excited for Harmoniz as they venture into this new phase, and we have full confidence that their expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry will create a significant impact in the Northwest Europe heated greenhouse crops market,” enthuses Erik, “we are in full support of this venture, nevertheless, it is important for us to emphasize that WPK’s primary focus remains on our core business, which centers around the propagation of vegetable plants.”

Ofer Ben Zvi - CEO Harmoniz

Ofer Ben Zvi, CEO of Harmoniz Ltd., emphasized the significance of the new Harmoniz venture in the Netherlands. He stated, “The establishment of the company marks another strategic milestone in its long-term vision to develop solutions for growers and consumers, ensuring the availability of high-quality produce throughout the year. This step complements the company’s existing capabilities in breeding and expanding its presence in various European and North American countries. Furthermore, we have assembled a committed and professional team led by Paul Van Dijck and Wilfred Scheffers, who will expand our endeavors in the region, including helping our customers to develop the ideal varieties tailored to their specific market needs. Harmoniz is one of the leading companies offering real and proven-on-commercial-level, premium varieties with high resistance to ToBRFV. This step will undoubtedly benefit growers in the region by providing them with cutting-edge solutions and improved access to top-quality seeds. “

Hagai Stadler, Chairman of the Board at Harmoniz Ltd., added, “Expanding into the Northwest European market has been a strategic priority for Harmoniz, and the establishment of Harmoniz NL is a crucial step towards achieving that goal. Harmoniz’s intention is to accelerate its growth by M&A activity to support company strategic targets in order to leverage the company’s advanced breeding and technological capabilities, as well as its international marketing channels. On behalf of Harmoniz board, we would like to thank Erik and Eviek for their partnership and trust we will continue to build together a great and fruitful relationship in the Netherlands and West Europe”.