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The definitive win-win strategy

The Same Tomato
All Year Round

Benefits for everyone

  • Growers
    Able to produce high-quality
    locally-breeded tomatoes for a safe market
  • Retailers/Traders
    Able to offer stable and unvaried
    top-quality products in any season
  • Consumers
    Enjoy the same value-added
    tomatoes all year round
Strategy as products:

a) Varieties suitable for heated and non-heated greenhouses and for any crop cycle;

b) Similar varieties, each suitable to specific crop conditions and management, to supply the same segment market in different timeslot.

The Science of growing tomatoes All-Year Round

At TomaTech, we have perfected the science of growing tomatoes all year round, realizing the needs of consumers globally. How do we do it? The principle is simple. We breed for growing locations worldwide keeping in mind the relevant tomato segments. So, the growers are able to supply stable products  to the supermarkets and consumers all year round.



Heated GH: TT-910

Beautiful cocktail on the vine for active greenhouses. Deep, shiny red color, fresh, thick green vine, high brix, exceptionally high yield.

Resistances: Fol: 0.1, Vd, Mj, ToMV, Lv

Non-Heated GH: Dulcimor

Excellent and tasty cocktail tomato, uniform in size, eye-catching red color, high in Brix and Long Shelf Life.

Resistances: Vd, For, ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV

Cherry red

Heated GH: TT-746

Currently unavailable

Non-Heated GH: Korino

This midi cherry on the vine, will grow whenever and wherever you need – excellent flavor and yield. Simply Divine. The smallest are always the sweetest!

Resistances: Fol:0, Mj, Ff, ToMV, TYLCV  

Mini-plum Red

Heated GH: TT-773

Suitable for high tech greenhouses, premium elongated mini plum, excellent flavor, shiny red color, high brix, low acidity, vigorous, high yielding plant.

Resistances: Mj, Ff, ToMV

Non-Heated GH: Dormaplum

Super sweet, shiny and colorful baby cherry tomatoes in a uniform size. Perfect combination between sweetness acidity and texture.

Resistances: Ff, ToMV, TYLCV, ToBRFV (IR)

Mini-plum Orange

Heated GH: TT-764

Orange elongated mini plum, crunchy balanced excellent flavor with long shelf life. Picking in full color.

Resistances:Fol: 0.1, Vd, Mj, ToMV, ToBRFV (IR)

Non-Heated GH: Cantando

Orange mini plum tomato, good generative balanced plant with short internodes, high flavor and pleasant texture. The perfect combination of candy and tomato for kids, young & old!

Resistances: Fol: 0.1, Vd, Mj, Ff, ToMV, ToBRFV (IR)


Heated & Non-Heated GH: Yellow Candy

Yellow round cherry on the vine, excellent flavor and well-balanced sweetness and acidity, long shelf life, firm fruit.

Resistances: Fol: 0.1, Vd, Mj, ToMV, TYLCV


Heated & Non-Heated GH: Orange Candy

Orange round cherry on the vine, excellent flavor, very sweet, deep orange color. Long shelf life, firm fruit, generative plant with short internodes.

Resistances: Fol:0.1, Vd, Mj, ToMV, TYLCV


Heated & Non-Heated GH: Chocolate Candy

Brown round cherry on the vine, extremely sweet, intensive “black” color, firm fruit with long shelf life, balanced and strong plant.

Resistances:Fol: 0.1, Vd, ToMV


Heated & Non-Heated GH: Tomelody

Yellow mini plum tomato, striking pear shape combined with an attractive lemon color & excellent flavor make these perfect for a healthy lunchbox treat. More than 25 fruit per truss.

Resistances: Fol:0, ToMV, ToBRFV (IR)


Heated & Non-Heated GH:

Red mini plum on the vine, uniquely distinctive appearance and special taste. A complex blend of sweetness and acidity, zesty, herby tomato flavor. Firm, juicy, crispy and fleshy tomato with thin, smooth skin. 14 days+ shelf life.

Resistances: Fol:0, Sl, ToMV, ToBRFV (IR)


Heated & Non-Heated GH:

Unique to TomaTech. Toma’Muse line extension – Red fruit, special square shaped midi plum size. Superb complex flavor, high yield.

Resistances: Fol:0, Sl, ToMV, ToBRFV (IR)

On location

Regional breeding for worldwide solutions

Our breeding team is active in Israel, Spain, Italy and Netherlands. On location, we try to optimize our portfolio for very specific regional circumstances, looking at grower, trader and consumer needs. Traits like fruitsize, shelflife, quality, colour and taste are constantly considered to come to an optimal mix of varieties.

  • tomato miniplum red
  • tomato cherry-chocolate-striped
  • tomato miniplum orange
  • tomato pixel-red
  • tomato cherry-yellow
  • tomato miniplum-yellow
  • tomato cherry-red
  • tomato cherry brown striped
  • tomato pixel red
  • tomato cherry orange
  • tomato pixel red
  • tomato miniplum red
  • tomato miniplum yellow


Agility and high level of
knowledge and technology

To reach the All Year Round goals, TomaTech works in a smart way. Shorts lines, agility and high level of knowledge and technology provide the breeding ground for optimal results. Even breeding on demand is one of the options TomaTech can offer. Together with our customers we have an ultimate goal: to be able to provide every customer worldwide with the great taste and quality of our tomato varieties, year round.