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XX Юбилейная выставка
«Защищенный грунт России»

31 May – 2 June 2023
Moscow, Russia

ToBRFV resistant portfolio
presented in Russia

A few days ago, Harmoniz showcased its impressive portfolio of 2023 ToBRFV resistant tomato varieties at the “Professional Greenhouse of Russia” Exhibition, one of Russia’s most important platforms for presenting the latest achievements in the greenhouse industry – greenhouse designs, equipment, innovative energy-saving technologies, breeding achievements and a full range of services for greenhouse production.

Over 100 exhibitors from Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Spain, China, Italy, Greece, India, Norway, Poland, Finland, France, Sweden and other countries participate in the exhibition every year.

“We have deepened our cooperation with acquired and new customers, enthusiastic growers, agronomists, and marketing specialists looking for innovative hybrids to consistently provide Russian consumers with a superior eating experience, all year round” says Roman Elkin, Area Manager Russia.